Brook Hayes

BROOK HAYES-Senior Paralegal 

Brook Hayes is the Senior Paralegal for Centurion Trial Attorneys, APC.  Ms. Hayes attended Fresno State where she pursued a major in History (Ancient Civilizations) and a minor in Classics with the intention of pursuing a vocation in higher academia.  An unexpected event led her instead to a career as a Paralegal, earning first a Certificate in Litigation and then a Certificate in Tort Litigation from the Attorney Assistance Training Program (now known as The Paralegal Program) sponsored by the UCLA School of Law.

Ms. Hayes has over twenty (20) years of experience as a Paralegal in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Family Law, General Practice and Appellate Law.  She now brings her experience and background to the area of Labor and Employment Law.

Ms. Hayes is an advocate for several local animal rescues and is the proud “Mom” of several dogs. In her spare time, she continues to pursue her studies of ancient civilizations and enjoys MMORPGs with her family.