Emily Horrigan

EMILY HORRIGAN - Associate Attorney

Emily is an associate attorney at Centurion Trial Attorneys, bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion to her work. She started out as a law clerk at

Centurion the summer after her first year of law school at California Western School of Law and moved up to an associate attorney after graduating and passing the California bar exam. Her interest in employment law began during her undergraduate years at the University of Mississippi, where she pursued a major in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources. Emily discovered her desire to advocate for workplace equity,

particularly focusing on discrimination and harassment issues. 

After completing her undergraduate studies, Emily continued her academic journey at the University of Mississippi, earning a Master of Business Administration to enhance her understanding of business operations.

Emily leverages her combined knowledge of employment law, business practices, and legal research to contribute significantly to cases ranging from misclassifications to sexual harassment.

Outside of her legal work, Emily enjoys backpacking, roadtrips, and spending time with her dog, Finn!